My name is Lady Ambrosia – and I’m Melbourne’s one and only Queen of all things prostate!

Have you always been curious about prostate massage but never tried it before? Or perhaps you’ve tried it and liked it… but you want to experience being stimulated by a woman who REALLY knows what she’s doing.

Well you’ve found me. It’s time to take the plunge!

I am an expert in anal and prostate stimulation, with over ten years experience and formal training in pelvic release and somatic sexology. You’re in good hands with me.

I personally believe that every man should try this at least once. Longer and stronger orgasms are on the menu and for some men, even anal orgasms are possible.

I look forward to meeting you and having my way with you…

Yours in devious anticipation,


Where? I am based close to the Melbourne CBD

When? My sessions are available Monday – Thursday, day and evening. I am open to extended rendezvous’ on other days with advance notice and pre-payment

What? My signature prostate massage experience is relaxing and pleasurable. It begins with acupressure massage on your shoulders and back to relax your body and mind. This continues to your buttocks, making sure that your pelvis is at ease with my touch. Once you’re in a state of erotic sedation, you can expect exquisite external anal massage, stimulating every nerve ending in your anus until it opens for me of its own accord. When your body is ready I use a finger internally right on your prostate. I have developed a range of prostate massage strokes that people really enjoy. To heighten the experience, I often apply vibration and sometimes an extra finger. The intimacy of using my fingers is undeniable, but sometimes toys really enhance sensation too.

People report having more intense, strong and lengthy orgasms when on the receiving end of my prostate massages.

It’s important for me to say that I never do anything that will make your body uncomfortable, tense or sore. I play at your body’s level, making sure to introduce everything slowly and sensually. You might be surprised how far you can go when you’re able to trust and enjoy the process every step of the way, not worrying about unwanted discomfort. I can even teach you breathing techniques to increase relaxation and heighten pleasure throughout the prostate massage.

This is a perfect introduction to anal play if you are nervous, curious and want to be sure that you are in safe hands. It is also wonderful for experienced anal play enthusiasts who want to really savour every single touch in an unrushed erotic anal experience.

What else? If you’re feeling extra adventurous, ask me about flogging, spanking and pegging. Or any other fetishes that interest you.


45 minutes – $300

1 hour – $350

90 minutes – $550

2 hours – $650

Dinner date (2 hours dinner & 2 hours play) – $1100

Other booking lengths can be priced upon your enquiry.

I recommend a one hour booking at a minimum so you can enjoy relaxing right into the experience and build to a great climax without feeling rushed.




I prefer a phone call on 0478 754 057 but can also be emailed via the contact form below.

My availability for bookings is Monday – Thursday, day and evening. I am based close to the Melbourne CBD.

Please let me know a proposed time, duration and any queries you might have when contacting me.